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Palm Oil Mill Construction Services in Medan

Fruit Press / Station Pressing Service StationPress Station Fruits in palm oil processing plants generally use hydraulic systems. The function of the Fruit Press Machine / Pressing Station in the process of producing palm oil is to squeeze the loose fruit of palm fruit that has been chopped,

Clarification Station ServiceClarification Station is an oil processing machine station that is used to separate oil, water and sewage (Non Oily Solid / NOS) by gravity. Where oil with a specific gravity smaller than 1 will be in the upper layer and water with specific gravity = 1 will be in the

Threshing Station Service StationPenebah Station at palm oil mills plays an important role in palm oil processing. Before the palm oil enters the screw press, the initial mass of oil palm fruit has been reduced. This is due to the ongoing process of felling on the thresher / stripper machine. The

Steilization Station Preparation Station ServiceThe Steilization Station is an engine component that is important for processing palm oil to be effective. In the boiling process, the oil wasted ± 0.8%. In the process of boiling, steam is needed to heat the sterilizer that is supplied from

Fruit Receiving Station / Fruit Reception & Storage Station Development ServicesWe provide construction services for Fruit Receiving stations. Designed using precision engine design so that it can work optimally. The fruits of oil palm that enter the Palm Oil Mill, the quality and maturity must

Palm Oil Mill Construction Services in Medan

Oil palm is one of the prima donna commodities in Indonesia. Along with the development of science and technology, palm oil processing plants are also developing with various sophistication of machine tools and components. PT. Putra Mulia Sejati as a provider of Palm Oil Mill Construction Services in Medan is able to build a palm oil mill that processes raw materials in the form of Palm Fruit Bunches (palm FFB) into palm oil CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and palm kernel (Kernel). Where the process of making palm oil in the mill goes through many stages and processes in the palm oil mill.

In the long term, the world demand for palm oil shows an increasing trend in line with the growing population of the world and hence increases the consumption of products with palm oil raw materials such as food products and cosmetics. Meanwhile, governments in various countries are supporting the use of biofuels.

PT. Putra Mulia Sejati provides a Palm Oil Mill Construction Services solution in Medan and performs all aspects of palm oil mill construction, technical consulting, equipment supply, construction, supervision services, commissioning, etc.
A variety of in-house equipment designed and manufactured by us provides a great combination of complete solutions for the construction of palm oil mills.

Regardless of the construction of new factories, increasing factory capacity or rehabilitating factories, PT. Putra Mulia Sejati provides comprehensive coverage of information and knowledge needed to build and run a modern, efficient and successful palm oil mill.